Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

To all my rock star moms out there.. Kudos.  Happy Mothers Day from Big Daddy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

God Bless America, "She's going to need it!" Time to take out the trash People!

Washington is so FULL OF SHIT!  Vote the BUMS out!

Not sure what our VP of the USA was on about yesterday on youtube, but let me just tell you all something, they can ALL go to hell in Washington.  No more stories, No more "Washington will make it all better," Not another Trillion of debt.  NO!  Let's clean this shit UP "NOW!"We all know as fact that, it’s both sides against the middle class and poor and we know who they have been working for all this time; themselves. 

It's beyond time for the people of this great country to fix these problems.  Some are awake, some are soon to wake, thanks to the OWS march in NYC and around the world.  I'm proud of these young kids, good for them!  Taking a stand.

These people btw, (The scum bums in Big Business and Government, etc) need to be held accountable. Let’s round them up and get them into a court room. They suck (We all know it) and are criminals (Except for maybe, I don’t know.. like 1%-5% of them in Washington D.C. and maybe 50% of the BB)  

Let’s wipe the slate clean, get ourselves some “great” Campaign Finance Reform Legislation and take our country back from the crooks, (Let's let any man or woman run for the high offices, not just the rich)  Back in the beginning, men like Washington and Adams did their time and then went back to private life on the farm or in their business.  Career politicians is not the way to go!  Term Limits!  Term Limits!  Say it with me.

Who the hell do they think they are?  Do they really think this sort of thing is going to end well?  They best get to thinking and fast!  People are really getting pissed off.  Do they think they are.... 

KINGS?  (Haven't we been down this road before?) Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!

While we are wiping slates, let's get our heads out of our asses and realize that no man is worth “some of these retarded salaries” that in time could put the Company down (Robbing the company’s funds for expected “future” hard times and putting good people out of work.   Many got a little (no scratch that, MUCH) too greedy.  I think a lot of these companies who failed and or lay people off, would have survived and saved some workers jobs.
Let's bring the Men and Women Home from war and get out of all the worlds business, start taking care of our own.  Let them be.  If they attack the USA, “Crush em,” crush them like a grape.

10 years is too long for a war folks, too many great Americans died, and the ones coming home soon won’t know where they are.  At this point, I doubt any of these wars on terror was ever/is for any GOOD, more like BIG CONTRACTS For Washington types and FAT CATS, you know, for POWER by Fists and guns and bombs, Real Estate and Oil rich Land Grabs, which, in time somewhere down the road, is only going to lead to more wealth for the super rich. And more pissed off poor people, only they will be from across the pond.

Out of sight out of mind, yeah how’s that working out for us? 

Let’s see, NAFTA was supposed to help!
We used to be the best at everything!
We used to give a shit about each other and
We used to all Speak English in the frigging streets (Do what you like in your house, yard) If you want to be here, and love this land. Assimilate – and do it faster!  (We were nice and many of you, we just can’t tell what you love)

Ship illegal’s home or get them legal and then button things UP and go back to following the LAWS.  So many come here the honest way, What the hell happened to the rules?  (Big Lebowski, John Goodman)

We are not done yet, more house cleaning coming your way. Let’s bring the Media to account for their lack of real news coverage, and I guess we may as well get those Insurance companies in check too.

Oh!  A pet peeve with me; Can we please (let some people die when they get old or if they end up medically untreatable at least sooner than later) I can't understand tube feedings and expensive air beds for long, long extended periods of time, especially at these insane rates per day.  Cmon!  Let put quality of Life; and Death with dignity back on the map.  (It’s better in heaven anyways right?) 

Enter your pet peeve here ___________________________________ Even if it’s me!  It’s still a great and free country.

When it's our time to die, it's our time to die.  Stop with the technology already “if it's going to make it so we can't afford insurance for our families.” (And let's face it everyone; nobody can afford quality insurance these days, at least not the lower and middle classes.)

Even the companies you work for today can’t afford all this; it kills/fries some small businesses books! Puts them out of business or they gamble with their HOMES and LIFE basically.  It’s gotten insane!!!! Totally out of hand!  "Or, in some cases, Companies do have the funds but they don't want to foot the bill, Investors and bottom line first! At all costs, SAVE the company money, make the Company MORE MONEY, (More Money, More Money!) as long as it’s hurting John Q. Public, and it’s the workers and consumers taking the kick in the ass and not us GREEDY BUMS?  Fine!)

Ahhh shit!  I wish I was president; I'd be cracking some jaws and taking names with any people not being held accountable from this point on.   You can only screw us 3, 5 or 8 times, the ninth – and WOW!  Everyone is going to get all whacko.

Pisses me off!  I think we should all OWS, and Occupy the Major Media, and Occupy major Insurance Companies, Occupy Hospitals, Occupy it all!!!!  Occupy the Lobbyist systems, the Banks (Housing bubble rip offs) let’s do this!

P.S. We need new oversight for the oversights and maybe a layer or two of more oversights ON TOP OF all that. (W e had good oversight committees in the past, let’s get them all Back), (Think Las Vegas, surveillance... "Everyone has to be watched in Big Business and Government, like a spoiled rotten child.."
Hospitals should be about caring for people NOT A BOTTOM LINE or Census (Number of patients filling beds), same goes for companies.  We need people caring for their neighbors, we need baseball and football players to piss off, Give the Stadiums Back to the cities, and tickets pay for Police and Fire and Streets Dept.   Get Gillette and Minute Maid out of Sports!

Oh.. And a message to all the STATES in the good old USA!  Let's remember why we have States, Let's work on things from the ground up and finally clean the massive, years in the making shit UP, because those in Washington and Big Business are shitting and pissing down on 99% of us.  (My father always said a line, don’t piss on my head and tell its raining boy)  Yeah, he said boy and he treated all people of all colors with respect.

Ahhh Son of Bitch, write me in for President – Big Daddy will give it a whirl I guess..

P.S. Piss on the Banks and Credit Card companies, my father always said credit card companies   and Lawyers (Who become judges “Jesus Christ!!” what a system) would ruin this country.  (Looks like he was right)  

People should judge, not the Lawyers, (“Judges should only be there to advise the people and they should not be the Judge! “Try Advisors” for a title)

Stop it with all the LAW SUITES, throw ½ of them out – and limit the filing of most.  If I fall on your side walk, I’m a goof who should have watched his steps.  Cmon!

What’s that you say? You got behind on a payment or two, we’ll sorry, and we are going to need to slap you with an extra 23-30% plus late fees. Oh.. And by the way... we knew most of you would fall into hard times and fall behind.”  (Fuck You!) 

What’s that? You say you need a shitty used car and your credit score sucks?   No problem – We CARE, here is a crazy rate JUST FOR YOUR SORRY, walking everywhere ASS!
 And lastly, Pay Day Loans – That’s just plain NASTY! (No, I never used such loans) but WTF?  Scum!

I’m voting for Ron Paul and I might run with the man..  (Need an old School V.P. Dr Paul?) You know he’s the right man, HOW you say? (Big Daddy will tell you) Because our good boys and girls, and “all those talking heads” in the media, avoid Ron Paul’s messages like the plague.  That should speak volumes!

ENOUGH!  Vote em all out, except a few..

Black this Out! Ya Greedy Bastards!

Love Big Daddy
Tom Dwyer

I’m one of the 99%